About me

Hi!  My name is Elizabeth (Betsy) Guerry Mead, and you are at the Guerry Glass website.  I was born and raised in Washington, DC and have the privilege of living in my family home with my husband and two dogs, Bella and Kanga!  As a small child I was drawn to music and art.  And, it's no wonder!  My Welsh grandmother played the piano and filled our home with music and singing with her Welsh friends.  My father and his family were creative on many levels.  Daddy would create music boxes, rebuild antique clocks, and refinish furniture that was perfection to the touch!  Daddy's mother and his sisters could sew anything without a pattern; Aunt Polly was an artist in her own right, along with two great uncles, and a great grandfather, who is rumored to have painted portraits in the White House!  I've not been able to substantiate that rumor!  


My first artistic love was drawing and painting; I only discovered glass later in 2007.  The Washington Glass School served as the impetus for my glass obsession.  I took additional classes at Weisser Glass Studio and have continued to refine and grow my techniques by learnring from various glass masters.  Transforming ordinary glass into unique, functional, and beautiful pieces of art is my passion and I experiment constantly!  You're likely to see a panoply of techniques and subjects in my work, ranging from comical to serious.  But typically the juxtaposition of opposites permeates my work:  you might see cold steel paired with ballet shoes, or the celebration of dance with the grim reaper.


I've exhibited at Artomatic here in the DC area, Strathmore Mansion, and other local area and East Coast galleries in Maryland and North Carolina.  I'm a member of the National Capital Art Glass Guild, Glass Art Ssociety, and Del Ray Artisans.  I hope you enjoy my work. 


If you want to contact me, please send me a note in the contact form on my website, or email me at guerryglass@gmail.com


Thank you for visiting!